Perry Manuk uses photography to examine the mutual impact of humans on their surroundings and vice versa, the way surroundings impact humans.

In his series “The West” he looks at imagery that was ingrained in him during his primary years and asks the question of why certain things leave a significant visual impact.  This question continually reveals new answers sometimes leading to new work.  In his series “The Salton Sea”, Manuk considers land development from the perspective of a failed attempt.   The series reveals the interactions of people and place through land acquisition and development in California.  In his “Baltimore” series he focuses on the history left on the structures of a town and uses these remnants as a door to its history. With his latest series “Constructed Spaces”, Manuk concentrates on how man-made environments are crafted with references to the natural world thus creating similar visual patterns, which in turn question the notion of “unnatural”.