Se Jong Cho and Marc Miller

Oblique Vacillations

paintings and sound

Reception - Sunday March 5, 2017  2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


by appointment: through March 31, 2017


Like a mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, sound hangs in the air.

“Art is the game of extending our ‘shape of real’ without the necessity of present, practical affirmation.”[1]

Paintings are static and music is dynamic. While the representations of the clouds are static, we invite the audience to imagine the dynamic and constant transformation of clouds as the sound atmospherically evolves around them. The dual installation of sound and images is intended to involve audience in multiple modes of participation, stimulating both visual and auditory senses thereby creating an environment where immersion is possible. Rather than the audience merely looking into pictorial boxes as external examiners, we invite the audience to experience the visual images as a context for extending the shape of real through synthesis of their memories of the shape of real.

[1]  Irwin, R. Notes toward a Conditional Art. (J. Paul Getty Museum, 2011).


coming up:

Oletha DeVane, Reception: Sunday April 9, 2017 2-5 PM