Project 1628
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Project 1628
an occasional gallery and workshop in Bolton Hill

Project 1628



Project 1628 in Baltimore’s historic Bolton Hill neighborhood exhibits the work of local artists in a refined non-commercial setting. We exist to share art and culture with those who enjoy the spark of new people and ideas. Our mission is to support the drive to create and the drive to connect.



The basement workshop is located directly below the Gallery. Skills and tools acquired by owner Marcia Hart over years 10 years of hands-on renovation are now applied to making custom furniture, primarily in wood and steel.

Ken Martin exhibition - installation image

Ken Martin exhibition - installation image


1628 Bolton Street
Baltimore MD 21217

by appointment with exhibiting artist

Gallery Owner Marcia Hart invites artists to exhibit their work in a clean residential setting and celebrate with friends and family. The purpose of the gallery is to bring fine art and social interaction together in a setting where relationships and artistic exploration take precedence over commercial interests.  

The Gallery started organically in 2009 after installing a tenant’s collage paintings in a big empty room. The effect of fine contemporary work in an historic 1870’s rowhouse inspired a party. We did it again and again, four to six times a year. Click here to see the Archive of exhibitions and events we’ve hosted.

In 2014 the basement Workshop became part of Project 1628 with a new focus on making furniture to solve specific functional and aesthetic requirements in the house, including some in reponse to unique needs of an occasional gallery.

Marcia Hart is an architect with a specialty practice in workplace design consulting for developers, brokers and tenants. Her day job is Workplace1080.

In the Workshop she makes furniture and fabrications in wood, steel, aluminum, and glass.

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