David HESS & Eli HESS


new work

Reception - Sunday October 16, 2016  2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

by appointment: through November 27, 2016


Throughout history, it was common for the next generation to join the family business. Bakers birthed more bakers and carpenters succeeded their fathers, passing down tools and trade secrets. It is not surprising, as we trust our kin and share enough chromosomes to be like-minded. Generations of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters share family name and trade in perpetual cycles of production, each adapting to new challenges of changing worlds.

For 30 years, artist David Hess has made a living making sculpture and furniture. For 23 of those years, he has been a father and a role model. With the recent decision of his son, Eli, to join Hess Industries, David contemplates a new role: partner.

Father-son artist pair David and Eli Hess enters the gallery space to explore themes of relationship and adulthood. This show serves as a checkpoint as the pair draws on their last 21 years of teaching and learning together and looks towards the future of collaboration. The show features sculpture, furniture, and two-dimensional works in mixed media.


coming up:

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